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Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 09:24:48 MDT wrote:
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> > Actually, I thought she was nauseous at the idea that women at GOP get
> > togethers could be attractive....
> That was part of it. I am glad you caught the humor. ; )
> And Mike, I wasn't offended or anything. I just wondered what the heck you
> thought slutty male information about GOP women would do for ME, a list
> member. I know if you go to the Beverly Hills Polo Club you'll see good
> looking republicans - a girl can go look at a rich young man in an Armani
> suit too. But I wouldn't post it on the list so all the Extotopian girls
> could find out and hopefully get laid.
> My point was: I wondered about your own personal filters, can you filter out
> ANY thing, or do you just post all your errant psychological ramblings to the
> list?

Oh, I do filter out SOME things. I expect though that most people on the list
would know me well enough to tell when I'm being facetious, satirical,
sarcastic, or whatever...I do also tend to be an instigator...

The main reason I brought it up is cause I see the occasional whine/pine by some
guy on the list wondering where all the women are... As for me, I don't care
that much, women usually find me, I'm not that interested in the chase. What
they find me is another subject entirely...

> > You know, I don't go to GOP things anymore. Nah, I much prefer those
> > Libertarian meetings, full of smelly, sweaty, stubbornly offensive nerds
> > yapping Randisms and whining about their capital gains taxes....
> For the record, that's what is blatantly offensive abotu LDC's comment.
> There's no self awareness. I wonder if he ever looked in a mirror?
> You are somewhat of a sexist Mike, but of the charming type who is also
> chivalrous.

Thanks, I think....

> THANK you Mike, for having the intelligence and awareness to make fun of
> yourself!!!

I was making fun of myself???? OK...;)

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