Re: Pig Comment

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 09:01:07 MDT

Nadia, I think you still don't get it.

>>"stupid ugly lesbian tree hugger"

>most lesbians are not ugly or stupid.

But that's not what anyone was saying, or what anyone meant (except, maybe,
as a sub-text)!

I realise Lee Daniel gets up your nose, and surely he does so deliberately,
but look at the logic of the exchange as he saw it:

Mike sez by implication (in your view tastelesly, this being a mixed
crowd): hey, guys, here's a place where I found ample sexual opportunities
with women who were

clever, good-looking, heterosexual, tree-strippers.

You appeared to go sub-orbital.

Lee Daniel sez pedantically: hang about, would you expect/prefer Mike,
instead, to be advising us rugged het guys of places where we would find
plenty of women who were

not-clever, not-good-looking, not-heterosexual, not-tree-strippers?

You went really ballistic.

And I see why you did, but your response seems as wrong, basically, as
someone getting righteous about the use of the word `niggardly' because it
*sort of sounds so offensive*.



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