Re: Evolution of Consciousness

Chris Hind (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 11:03:54 -0800

>IAN: I'm not sure exactly how this ties in but, having fairly
>extensive lucid dream experience -- where, while asleep you
>"wake up" in your dream to realize, "Like woh, I'm dreaming, gee,
>this is cool" -- up to the point of willful lucid state induction,
>I've observed the amazing phenomenon that one can, in the sleeping
>dream state, have a set of memories that even upon careful review
>appear to be 100% accurate and true to your non asleep life, yet
>upon waking are seen to in fact have been 100% false.

I think i know how this ties in. What is it like to be a non self-aware
individual? It should be like being in a dream where you're only a passive
observer and then when the lucidity kicks in after 2 years of life, you're
then able to realize things and make choices for yourself. I myself have
had dreams where I had sets of memories in the dream only to wakeup and
realize they were entirely false. Dreams also add to chaos and confusion
when you try to remember events in your past which were actually dreams and
never actually occurred. I have had dreams merge with my real memory upon
waking up. Perhaps this is some sort of sleep disorder? I've had some of
those spontaneously prefabricated dream memories grafted into my real
memory bank and thus create confusion. One example is I've woken up and
thought to myself, "Hey I just dreamed a continuation of a dream I'd had
before" when I hadn't. This can sound confusing just talking about it. I
_really wish_ I could have more lucid dreams! I only have them when I'm
sick with a cold or flu and thats even rare. Although usually any dreams of
mine are _so bizarre_ to be incomprehensible to descramble and discover
their psychological meaning. Also have you noticed that whenever you see
printed words in a dream every time you look away and look back they say
something different? Also through studying computer graphics and virtual
reality and watching such computer graphics videos such as "Beyond The
Mind's Eye" my dreams, when I _do_ have them are _extremely_ vivid with
rotating camera angles, panning, etc, etc.

>I'll write
>something down on this dreamland pad of paper, hay, the letters
>I just wrote are changing before my eyes

Exactly! What causes this phenomenon?

>Of course, logically, this must draw into question the
>reality of any mental phenomena, opennng the door to the
>ideation that everyting is a dream, or less to 100% true.

Scary idea that our world isn't as predictable as we might have thought.