Re: Artists and Engineers

Michael Butler (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 11:46:00 PST

Natasha said:
The necessity for "objects of art" is outdated.

I say:
I agree with what you mean, so let me quibble for a sec: the whole
notion of "objects of art" has at least three main thrusts:
1) A thing of beauty inspiring awe, terror, pity, or any other strong
2) A thing for kings and rich folks, and later the bourgeoise, to put on
their walls to impresseach other and the poor,
3) A thing used to help compartmentalize life into chunks to more
easily define most of life as nasty, brutish and short, in contrast
to that wonderful thing in a frame on my wall.

#1 is or ought to be eternal. #s 2 and 3 are or ought to be done away
with. Agreed? :) :) I think Duchamps and Ball and the Italian
Futurists were after the destruction of #s 2 and 3.

Me, I figure if we destroy boredom, we can go a long way toward
accomplishing the same objective. Every man (sophont) an artist.
As Zappa said, "you have to have a frame around it, because
otherwise, _what is that shit on the wall?_"--but _anyone can play!_

We are no longer humans.

No longer *mehums* (big grin).

The point is, there is a choice.

Can I get an A-MEN!?

MMB, art but not for OCV. :) :)