Re: Upload rehearsal?

Chris Hind (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 12:05:54 -0800

At 17:06 10/28/96 +0100, you wrote:
>On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, Chris Hind wrote:
>> The organism is living inside your head feeding off of your blood like a
>> paracite while it replaces neurons with organic pointers to locations of
>> stored data inside the virtual world. A neuron impulse would bounce neuron
>> to neuron to organic pointer where it would then disappear and continue
>> path through the virtual neuron circuitry inside the virtual world. Neuron
>> impulses would bounce between real neurons and virtual neurons seamlessly
>> until the entire brain had become converted.
>This is extremely non-trivial biotechnology.

True but isn't it closer to reality in the fact that we're already
performing genetic therapy on living human beings whereas we haven't even
created the first nanite? Sure, all we need is one nanite to create
quadrillions but we still are only beginning to grasp the concepts that
make nano possible. So perhaps it's a race to see which will bring us
uploading first. I'm betting genetics, you're betting nano. This is sorta
ideas future-ish isn't it? How bout all the extropians pitch in something
like $20 and we'll see who cashes in in 2045? And all cryostabilized people
will still need to pay up! Nobody said uploading would ever be easy.

>It is far beyond even normal
>morphogenesis, since it requires not only self-reproduction and being
>immune-neutral, but also fast and reliable neural processing on a subcellular
>level to be able to mimic the neurons, a means of scanning the properties of
>a neuron, a way of replacing it while it is still working (neurons can extend
>their axons for a long distance, up to a meter; growth this far takes a lot
>of time!) and finally being able to interface with the outside world in an
>useful manner.

Just implant a box in your head with a mini powerful PC inside with
fiberoptics running to the uploading organism's biological i/o port so the
latency won't be as long.

>Using some kind of virus
>that rebuilds neurons from the inside might be possible.

How could you upload by rebuilding neurons from the inside? Eat alot of
lead and have highly complex virii or bacterium turn the stucture of your
brain into circuit boards? hehe