Extropianism as a World Meme

David Musick (David_Musick@msn.com)
Thu, 5 Sep 96 23:28:15 UT

Chris Hind is wondering why Christians claim to "seek the truth", when they
really don't.
Remember, most people are very concerned what others think and say about
them, and they are quite motivated to receive approval from others. This
desire for approval leads people to do and say that which is fashionable,
regardless of whether they believe in what they do or say. To call oneself a
seeker of truth is simply a fashionable thing to do; if a Christian claimed
that they weren't a seeker of truth, they would be severely ridiculed, by
other Christians and by non-Christians. They claim to "seek the truth" simply
to look good, not because they really mean it or even understand what it
really means to seek the truth. Their blatant dogmatism is evidence that they
don't seek the truth, but it would be very bad for their image to admit that.
Most people, Christians included, have no understanding of the intense
personal discipline required in seeking the truth, and very few people are
willing to discipline themselves so severely. To continually question and
doubt one's assumptions, to continually keep oneself open to seeing things
clearly, and to continually refine one's thinking skills are not easy
processes to maintain, and they require an extreme devotion to understanding
how things are. To accept some nice, cozy belief system is much easier, but
is also much less rewarding.

- David Musick