Re: Extropianism as a World Meme

Chris Hind (
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 09:00:03 -0700

>} Then how do you debunk christianity? I'm sure you have gone over this *much*
>} more acutely and have some REALLY GOOD anti-christianity memes to share that
>} punch solid holes through christianity.
>Wow. One of the times where I hope someone is being sarcastic at me
>because their being serious is much scarier...
Whats so scary about it? I just wish to cure a couple of friends and my
parents from the horribly meme of christianity by using rational/logical

>Your original point was
>right: you don't easily punch holes through blind faith. But faith
>isn't about stupidity. It's about taking something on faith, or perhaps
>not subjecting something to criticism or consistency checks. Subjecting
>it to bad criticism won't help -- in fact it will give them good reasons
>for not listening to you any further. Likewise you don't counter bad
>environmental arguments with bad counter-arguments.
Why does the human brain react this way? Why can people blatently ignore the
facts when they're sitting right in front of their face? Is it a bad
byproduct of self-awareness or our creative side?

>A dream of a meme
>is a wonderful theme
>or so we always do deem;
>But a ream in a beam
>causes termites to teem
>or so it to me does seem.
Happy Gilmore's response is: "Why don't I just eat some hay! I can make
things out of clay, Lay down by the bay. I just may!"