Extropian Standpoint on Capital Punishment?

Chris Hind (bholat@earthlink.net)
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 09:00:10 -0700

I'm not sure about you guys on this issue, but I wish to come out and say
right now that I am a strong supporter of capital punishment. So strong in
fact that I wish they'd make it a mega source of profit by pitting
psychotics against each other in an arena something akin to the movie
RunningMan. I believe that if someone kills another person which violates
that person's rights, the killer's rights should then be violated by being
put to death. Some of you may say now with this in mind that I'm a
libertarian with republican veins because I am also for people carrying
arms. In fact I wouldn't care if people carried around concealed thompson
(sp?) submachine guns. How do you guys feel? Am I ludicrius? (damn, I can't
spell tonite)