Re: Extropian Standpoint on Capital Punishment?

Eric Watt Forste (
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 23:41:55 -0700

>In a message dated 96-09-09 16:11:49 EDT, Max More wrote:
><< If you haven't seen the Nolan
> Chart, which makes progress by mapping views into two dimensions, I
> recommend taking a look. I believe there's a link to it somewhere on Eric
> Watt Forste's Extropians web site in one of the sections dealing with
> >>

Currently, the Nolan Chart is being most effectively promoted by the
Advocates for Self-Government as "The World's Smallest Political Quiz". You
can see it at their website:

They focus pretty exclusively on US politics. ISIL (
has a more global view, and then there's the Libertarian Alliance
( for readers in the UK.

At 9:28 AM 9/11/96, wrote:
>As an Extropian, the idea of ending life, even for the "most deserving", is
>disadvantageous for me. Innocent people have been convicted and killed.
>With this law still active, it is a threat for me and my Extropian

Personally, I agree with Davin on this. I recognize a right to
self-defense. Killing a human being who has already been secured in
handcuffs and leg-irons simply doesn't look like self-defense to me. It
looks like murder to me.

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