Re: Extropianism as a World Meme

Chris Hind (
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 12:06:33 -0700

At 19:30 9/4/96 -0700, you wrote:
>On Sep 4, 4:48am, Chris Hind wrote:
>} At least there is one good force pushing atheism. Public school peer
>} pressure converts all except the MOST severe cases of christianity.
>I went to the best magnet high school in Chicago -- the city, not any
>suburbs. I was part of the best academic circle, the most highly
>educated. There was no such pressure. And your statement had the
>slightest semblance of truth, why would so much of the country still be
I should've specified california because *I know* this effect occurs here in
my home state. Christians are bashed and shunned and fought with rationality
as children who eventually cave in to peer pressure. It's very true that who
you hang out with, you become more like them. It's not pretty but it's true.