Re: Extropianism as a World Meme

Chris Hind (
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 02:42:48 -0700

At 13:58 9/3/96 -0700, you wrote:
>On Sep 2, 11:17am, Chris Hind wrote:
>} right on the money. The "extropian companion to christianity". I should
>} myself write a book on this if I have time considering I was raised in a
>Please don't write the book if you can't do better than this:
You write the damn book :) You're far better than I.

>If something could create the entire Earth and two humans, I think it
>might be able to keep recessives from mixing until the pool was big
>enough. Or even easier, and more plausible, it could create Adam and
>Eve without any harmful recessives in the first place, the ones we have
>being accumulated mutations. Or injected punishment for the Fall.
I suppose you're correct but who's side are you on?

>And hey, one proffered explanation for aging has been that it results
>from genes which are good during the usual reproduction window and have
>nasty side effects later. So if the Adamic humans had a better genome
>this would explain both harmless incest and 900+ year lifespans[1].
Then how do you debunk christianity? I'm sure you have gone over this *much*
more acutely and have some REALLY GOOD anti-christianity memes to share that
punch solid holes through christianity.

>Better do better than that, "CiXeL".
Reading the newsgroup eh?

>[1]Except Cain and Eve, who don't have death dates[2]. Of course Eve is
>a woman, even if she is named. But Cain has important children and all,
>but he doesn't seem to die.
>[2]Perhaps that part of the Bible is an arithmetic primer. "Lamech
>had a sone after n years and lived for x years after that. How old was
>Lamech when he died?"
Damn you're good. :)