Re: Enough TWA800 Already !

Ian Goddard (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 18:37:31 -0500

>Michael Lorrey (

>> Meeee Toooooo! Thanks, Abraham, for your first truly meaningful posting.
>> And, at the risk of disobeying the rules of this list, Ian, STFU re TWA
>> 800, OK?
>As much as I agree with you, Ian, if you aren't going to file a lawsuit
>against the press and the FBI, then just give it up.

IAN: The supreme jury is the public.

>You have already
>made the Missile Theory synonymous with terms like The Grassy Knoll,
>Roswell, etc. so you have accomplished something. Ranting on and on

IAN: It was the list of facts that I was
requested to present that were defined as
"ranting." I disagree with the definition
of a carefully ordered presentation of
fact as "ranting."

>on a mailing list is not doing you any favors in improving your
>tarnished image,

IAN: My image was tanished by lies, specifically
the lie that I said my work was a hoax. I believe
that only facts can remedy lies. I'm sure you agree.

>and is starting to tick off the freinds you do have here.

IAN: I don't think people who initiate baseless
charges of "paranoid delusion" and "ranting"
are necessarily friends. I'll argue over a
point even against someone who is a friend.
For the process of inquiry to bear the fruit
of truth, personal issues must be put aside.

>If you want to do something constructive, hire a lawyer,
>hire a publicist, publish a book, or go postal on the FBI.

IAN: Good ideas. Thanks.

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