Re: Enough TWA800 Already !

Ian Goddard (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 18:53:36 -0500

Abraham Moses Genen ( wrote:

>Ian Goddard has written an inordinate number of words about his
>current fixation. Possibly it's time for him to move on and view
>the sunshine over the rest of the world. You can only mourn the
>dead for so long.

IAN: Let's grow a rose garden on the mass
graves... the TWA 800 garden right next to
the OKC and Waco gardens... The Govt Gardens

OKC Garden:

Yes, let's grow a rose garden on the mass
graves as we kick in the faces of any who
smell the stench and burry their evidence
into the manure of ignorance. Why morn the
dead when we can have shinny happy tyranny?

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