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Anders Sandberg (
25 Nov 1997 13:58:05 +0100

"Berrie" <> writes:

> Why wouldn't a posthuman be a saint ?
> I think (or maybe I hope it to much) that while the
> intellect is growing. the respect for every "life-form"
> is growing too.

This is possible - but would you want to literally bet your life on it?

I certainly think that very rational and intelligent beings will be
"good" in some sense, but even that goodness could have unpleasant
consequences for lesser beings ("We are really sorry, but to prevent a
spin-alignment disaster in this part of the galaxy, we need to turn
all mass of the solar system into a ridgeways kamtorus. We will upload
all of you to this emulated earth now"). And evolution has shown us
that in every evolving system parasites and opportunists will appear -
even if the posthumans are benevolent, their web agents or >cockroaches
might cause a lot of grief before their "masters" notice it.

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