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Berrie (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 16:03:40 +0100

Anders wrote:

> This is possible - but would you want to literally bet your life on it?
> I certainly think that very rational and intelligent beings will be
> "good" in some sense, but even that goodness could have unpleasant
> consequences for lesser beings ("We are really sorry, but to prevent a
> spin-alignment disaster in this part of the galaxy, we need to turn
> all mass of the solar system into a ridgeways kamtorus. We will upload
> all of you to this emulated earth now"). And evolution has shown us
> that in every evolving system parasites and opportunists will appear -
> even if the posthumans are benevolent, their web agents or >cockroaches
> might cause a lot of grief before their "masters" notice it.

This "master" idea is exactly the thing which I find hard to take.
Who will stay behind, and why ?
Won't there be some "magical" point of no return...
You smart and won't do harm anymore.
or your dumb, and can't do any harm................

Also: so earth goes........who cares....
It's not that we don't have any ball's left ?
I asked you this before: Anders you have to leave your cradle
someday :-). What's so damn special about earth, except for
the fact that we live on it :-)


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