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Anders wrote:

> Exactly. I don't think there are any extropians (if there are, they
> should think about the principles a bit closer) that think eradicating
> the "pesky mehums" is a good thing. But not every posthuman will be a
> saint, and a slight error in judgement of a transcendent superbeing
> could destroy the remaining humans ("Oops... my cleaning nanites have
> just cleaned away the entire biosphere. What a mess. Let's hope nobody
> notices..."), not to mention Eugene's scenario of the posthumans one
> day deciding that carbon based life is so trivial and simple that
> there is no need to preserve it outside virtual reality (or at all).
> What I want is to find ways of ensuring human survival even in the
> very long run, even if the ethics of our descendants changes. The
> problem isn't the religious nuts, the problem is the big uncertainty
> about the future.

Why wouldn't a posthuman be a saint ?

I think (or maybe I hope it to much) that while the
intellect is growing. the respect for every "life-form"
is growing too. Would a posthuman really bother about
trivial things as good and evil. Wouldn't he be more interested
in just BE......Will he still strife for more matter/energy and
get to it at all cost. I know I asked something similar already
in this list. But I find it hard to grasp, that we will never become
mature enough to deal with these instincts.
What's the point........

I hope there will be a time were the posthumans are so wise,
they will say: why bother, let them have their playground.
But since (hopefully) everybody is posthuman they will accept
this limit, because there is no alternative. as is with life and
dead. Dead is no alternative for anything, since your not
aware of it anymore. If posthumans can foresee the dangers of
wanting ever more mass/energy. They know they will destroy
them selves.

What did I miss......... ?

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