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Space Stock Surfers
Mission Statement

The Vision

The Space Stock Surfers envision a day when human civilization reaches across
the expanse of the Solar System, and all people are free to work, live, play,
and associate with others, according to their own natures, with minimal
interference from authoritative powers. Energy will be free, cheap, and
plentiful, supplied directly by the Sun through Solar Power Satellite
systems, nuclear fusion, and other systems not yet developed, but that will
be inspired by space development. Trade will be free and open, between the
planets and the multitude of intraplanetary settlements, and the economy of
the entire human species will be assured of expanding and thriving, due to
the influx of extraterrestrial resources. This affluence will cause a
renaissance in the human spirit, and the arts and culture will flourish in
diverse and beautiful ways. People will live in expectant hope for tomorrow,
secure in the knowledge that, although life, liberty and happiness are not
guaranteed, all will be able and allowed to choose their own destinies, and
can strive as they see fit for the highest good.

The Philosophy

A necessary prerequisite for such a vision is the continuous, sustainable
expansion of the global economy. That is impossible with finite resources.
The Earth is completely explored; there are no more "new worlds" on this
planetary surface. The only way to increase the resource base is by
off-world expansion. This should be undertaken peacefully, with opportunity
and benefit generated for all people of the Earth who wish to participate.
Even those who do not actively participate should benefit from the general
expansion of the worldwide economy.

The Mission

To that end, the Space Stock Surfers have formed to invest in the companies
that are actively creating the infrastructure and systems necessary to
economically develop space and acquire the resources available there. We
believe that, in the very long term, but still within our lifetimes, space
will be one of the most profitable and opportunity-producing endeavors of
humanity. We seek to invest in companies that are financially sound and
thriving today, yet have set their sights on the technologies and ideas that
will revolutionize our economy by bringing the benefits of space to Earth,
and by opening space to Earth-dwellers. This includes not only aerospace
firms, but any companies with the vision to look past the limiting two
dimensions of the surface of our planet.

The Strategy

The Space Stock Surfers is an investment club patterned after the National
Association of Investors Corporation model. We seek to make long term
investments based on fundamental analysis, and we eschew market timing and
other technical strategies. We look for undervalued companies that are out
of favor because of reactions to recent news by investors who think on a
quarterly basis. Whenever possible, we engage in dollar cost averaging,
preferring to establish Diveidend Reinvestment Programs with the stocks we
hold. We are not limited to any size, age or temperament of companies. Our
portfolio contains a wide range of stocks, from Dow-Jones Industrial Average
components to small companies that have recently gone public and have little
or no earnings. We believe in diversification for dilution of risk.
Therefore, not all of the companies in which we invest are necessarily
engaged in space development. The common thread throughout our investments
is a long-term focus on value and sustainable growth, with an emphasis on
developing new technologies that can lead to the opening of the space

The Challenge

We challenge all space enthusiasts and those interested in the long-term,
sustainable growth and survival of our culture and species to follow our
example. If these ideas resonate within you, you can do it, too. We are
average people that live and work ordinary lives. All it takes is a belief
in yourself, a belief in the future, and an interest in how the economy and
the markets work. We are willing to help any individuals or groups that wish
to form their own space stock clubs. The challenges are great, but so are
the opportunities and the rewards. Join us in our quest, and someday, in the
not-too-distant future, we can all meet in space to celebrate our successes.

Space Stock Surfers' investments as of November 17, 1997
Company Shares Total Cost Current Gain
AlliedSignal 12.562 $ 402.90 $449.09 $46.19
Century Telephone 2 92.85 83.38 (9.47)
Electronic Arts 15 470.25 510.00 39.75
Intel 3.369 262.54 270.97 8.43
Invacare 2 51.25 45.57 (5.68)
Lockheed Martin 4.633 424.08 432.86 8.78
Loral 10 233.68 211.25 (22.43)
Motorola 10.328 605.65 684.23 78.58
Orbital Sciences 10 273.15 231.90 (41.25)
T Rowe Price 2 111.55 128.25 16.70
Total $119.60