Re: Re: Iron Lattice (was earth/moon relationship)
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 12:48:25 -0500 (EST)

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<< The presently accepted view of what causes the earth's electromagnetic
field is that since the inner core rotates faster than the outer layers
like the mantle and crust at a rate of about one extra "day" per year of
rotation, the inner core acts as a rotor, and the mantle and crust as
the stator, in an electromagnetic generator. >> another question arises...why.

It's always "why" isn't it? In this case why does the iron crystal/iron
lattice core rotate at a different rate than the rest of the planet. I can't
see the moon having any effect...gravity would affect the earth equaly
wouldn't it?

In an earlier Post I wrote.

> And just to throw a nother bean into the does Gold's Primeval
> thesis tie into this?

And Anders Sandberg replied

>As far as I know, not at all. It is all about what happens up at the
>crust, not down in the core.

And Micheal Lorrey also replied.

>>What the hell is Gold's Primeval Oil thesis?????
me again...

I don't know...for sure...but evidently anders is familiar with it... what I
think I know has to do the the idea that oil is NOT the result of decayed
dinosuars...but rather a part of all asteroids and space junk which fell
together originally (primeval)..and coalesced to form the planet...The guy
who come up with this idea was named Gold...I think...

Vauge memory floating in the background so I thought I'd mention it...just
wondered if there might be any relationship.

Also you write.

<Any basic book on metallurgy can tell you more on this.

No doubt...cept I live in my truck...a nice truck to be sure...but rather
small living quarters...with limited library facilities.....and libraries and
bookstores with parking for 18-wheelers are rather rare...(sometimes I
cheat!!)...and try finding something like that in Barnes and Nobles or Books
aMillion....the Science section is tensy by comparison to say...the UFO
section...or other...ugh...well just other...

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