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> << The presently accepted view of what causes the earth's electromagnetic
> field is that since the inner core rotates faster than the outer layers
> like the mantle and crust at a rate of about one extra "day" per year of
> rotation, the inner core acts as a rotor, and the mantle and crust as
> the stator, in an electromagnetic generator. >>
> another question arises...why.
> It's always "why" isn't it? In this case why does the iron crystal/iron
> lattice core rotate at a different rate than the rest of the planet. I can't
> see the moon having any effect...gravity would affect the earth equaly
> wouldn't it?

No. As lunar tidal influence is a mechanism of the moons gravitational
field, there is an inverse square function at work here. Since the moon
orbits the earth slower than the earth rotates, the gravitational
attraction acts as a brake on this rotation. If you look at distance
from the center of the rotation of the earth as you would as an
increasingly long lever, you would see that the moons tidal influence
produces greater torque on the outer layers of the earth than on the
inner layers. As the core is at the center of rotation there is very
little influence on its rotation, while the molten layers between it and
the outer solids allows for enough lubrication to allow for the
rotational differential, like the slip in a clutch...
> In an earlier Post I wrote.
> > And just to throw a nother bean into the does Gold's Primeval
> Oil
> > thesis tie into this?
> And Anders Sandberg replied
> >As far as I know, not at all. It is all about what happens up at the
> >crust, not down in the core.
> And Micheal Lorrey also replied.
> >>What the hell is Gold's Primeval Oil thesis?????
> w
> me again...
> I don't know...for sure...but evidently anders is familiar with it... what I
> think I know has to do the the idea that oil is NOT the result of decayed
> dinosuars...but rather a part of all asteroids and space junk which fell
> together originally (primeval)..and coalesced to form the planet...The guy
> who come up with this idea was named Gold...I think...

I'll ask my cousin about it.

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