Re: Re: Iron Lattice (was earth/moon relationship)

Anders Sandberg (
10 Nov 1997 19:25:37 +0100 writes:

> And Micheal Lorrey also replied.
> >>What the hell is Gold's Primeval Oil thesis?????
> I don't know...for sure...but evidently anders is familiar with it... what I
> think I know has to do the the idea that oil is NOT the result of decayed
> dinosuars...but rather a part of all asteroids and space junk which fell
> together originally (primeval)..and coalesced to form the planet...The guy
> who come up with this idea was named Gold...I think...

I think that is roughly what Gold was suggesting. If this was true,
then oil could be found in completely unsuspected regions if the
conditions were right. Most geologists regard this hypothesis as
wrong, and even Gold has to admit he has so far not found much
evidence to support it.

Here in Sweden a mining consortium believed his idea enough to start
test drilling for oil and/or gas around lake Siljan, which is an
ancient impact crater and likely to hide oil according to Gold. They
didn't find anything, and I think the consortium has been
disbanded. However, they got some weird gunk during their drillings
which may have been old organics, crust bacteria or just polymerized

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