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Sun, 09 Nov 1997 13:06:25 -0500

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 17:51:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Wesley Schwein <>
Subject: Silva method

Does anyone on the list know anything about the Silva method? I have found
plenty of their own claims and advertisements (, among
many others) but haven't been able to find any critiques. URLs, magazine
articles, books?

I ask because a friend of mine, very close but unfortunately very
sentimental and insufficiently skeptical, is convinced of the method's
efficacy. He claims that he has been able to learn a lot of useful,
non-supernatural abilities such as waking up without an alarm

I can somtimes do that minus four minutes.

and going to
sleep on cue,

Self controled narcolepsy?
It's a good time saver.
I'm pretty good at meditation;
I've made my pulse repeatedly fluctuate from 136 to 115 bpm and back by will;
it took about 5 seconds in either direction up or down
(I got bored in a hospital :-).

enhanced concentration,

I once contentrated on a wall trying not to move for 45 minutes
and blinked less than 170 times.
A biology class was going on at the time.

etc. This I am prepared to accept.
He also claims that he and other participants of the classes can perform a
diagnosis by looking at a picture. Naturally he had an emotional account
of how one of the other Silva students focused on a picture of his
grandmother (or may just her name; I forget) and came up with pancreatic

Don't you believe in visual diagnosis?
There are many signals to use:
hair color, hair thickness, baldness, wrinkles, pallor, vericose veins,
liverspots, acne, moles, bloodshot eyes, black eyes, sunken eyes,
muscle tone, bone stucture, clothes, habits, etc.
Know what causes what,
apply some statistical analysis to determine probability of the cause
and you have an idea of their medical profile.

What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?
Learn them, then look at that picture. ;-)

Is anyone here good at prognostication?
I've been wanting to learn more.

My god, that's what she has! He further claims the diagnosis
was not arrived at by a "warm... warmer... hot..." line of guessing. I
don't buy it, but it's hard to tell a friend "You're deluding yourself."
He's also seen ghosts...

Seeing things is VERY common.
Proving they were ghosts is TOUGH.

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