Re: CR and Exercise or No?

Anders Sandberg (
29 Oct 1997 10:31:59 +0100

Overall, it seems that the best way of living longer is CR combined
with a suitable level of exercise. The body can handle free radicals
quite well, and the small increase due to the exercise is offset by
the improvements in health.

Paul Wakfer <> writes:

> Most foods and vitamins/nutrients, etc. must go throught the
> digestive system and the liver to be assimulated properly. You
> cannot get a complete enough diet by parenteral feeding. It is
> a dangerous and impossible long term practice and would be
> extremely foolish to initiate voluntarily.

That an ordinary healthy human should not try a parenteral diet is
fairly obvious (what is the point, really?), but as far I know there
are a few people who have survived on a parenteral diet for years
after massive intestinal failure.

> >Keep high oxygen saturation to reduce work by heart and diaphram.
> Your oxygen saturation is already as high as you can possibly use.
> On the contrary, if anything you may want to *reduce* the amount
> of oxygen intake (as long as all areas of the tissues are equally
> supplied) and the subsequent amount of free radicals generated.
> I have often wondered if people who live their lives at moderately
> high altitudes may have increase longevity.

But doesn't the lung capacity and red blood cell count increase,
leading to a similar oxygen saturation?

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