Re: Re: Re: earth/moon relationship

Anders Sandberg (
29 Oct 1997 10:36:43 +0100 writes:

> And I heard (somewhere,can't remember, no references..but recently....sorry)
> that some evidence had been "unearthed" that the core of the earth was a
> single (huge) iron crystal...
> In accordance with principles set forth in "Demon Haunted World" this
> bogus? or actually possible.

I'm not sure, and I'm not a geologist, astrophysicist or even a
physicist, but I would argue it is unlikely. The core is believed to
contain not just nickel-iron, but other heavy elements. This suggests
to me that the core cannot form a nice crystal lattice, and likely has
an amorphous structure. But a lot likely depends on the behavior of
this mixture at high pressures and temperatures; things can get rather
counterintuitive down there, so I wouldn't be totally surprised if it

Is there a geologist in the house? :-)

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