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Mon, 27 Oct 1997 21:25:25 -0500 (EST)

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<< The core is solid metal, mostly iron >>

Time out....

"The Education of Danny" has been real interesting...and I for one think it
says something very positive that you guys...scientists and techs and what
not...actually take the time to answer...even though he mostly doesnt
listen,....and not just blow him off...

I remember that when I was his age...nine or ten i expect...I had innumerable
questions that no one would answer...such as how a Bergenholm
worked...alas...I grew up..

Howsomever and irrevocably **I** gotta question....and I'm
probably only marginally more informed than danny when it comes to plate
techtonics, geology, thermogoddamnics and whatnot..

I am , however, curious..and unfortunately...unconnected to the Net (again)

And I heard (somewhere,can't remember, no references..but recently....sorry)
that some evidence had been "unearthed" that the core of the earth was a
single (huge) iron crystal...

In accordance with principles set forth in "Demon Haunted World" this
bogus? or actually possible.