Re: Re: earth/moon relationship is an extropian idea ?
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 21:25:04 -0500 (EST)

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<< Good filters. :) There's also the seeming paradox that the most activity
comes from the people with the most time to spare, not the people who
send a few high-Q posts, such as (to name three) Eric Watt Forste, Steve
Witham, and Robin H.

> Do you guys do your research and homework
> before publishing stuff like that ?

Some do, some don't. It's an open list, not a closed club. Consequently
the SNRR is kind of, umm, well, mediocre or worse at times. Some good
people get dragged into time-wasting arguments around here. Consequently
*they* aren't perceived to be shining at their true luminosity, either.

> Does your writings contribute to the
> extropian ideals, and thus creating a
> better world for prospective post-humans ?

Ouch. I'm guilty, I'm trying to not fall for every troll, but it's hard,
and I need more practice.

> Please feedback to me ASAP
> before further disillusionments sets

Hey, if you feel you have to tar every member of the list because there
are some bozos, go ahead, but please recognize that's what you're doing.
OK? :)Suggestions have been made for several ways to improve the SNRR,
but nothing has been done, because the list is run by King Log, not King
Stork. I dislike it, too. I'm getting better filters. And I don't like
having to.
>>'s like this Dr Frankenstien....hairy earred peasants such as
myself....mudd all over our feet...can either read and ask "low signal, hi
noise" questions of etemeed and erudite people such as yourself on venue's
such as this...

Or listen to Cranktite.. Wah-wah. and the Weekly World
News...National Enquierer...and the Star

And perhaps...from attitudes and opinions thus developed.... sometime in the
future....armed with crucifixes, pitchforks. and righteous
indignation.....storm your (ivory) castle during the dark of nite...burn!

/_ _ \
(EvMick to some)