Re: CR and Exercise or No?

Paul Wakfer (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 22:11:19 -0500

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997 20:49:13, "Mike Coward" wrote:

> There has been discussion of optimal lifestyles for longevity.
>I put forth these views for examination.
>Exercise basic functions( walking, eating, breathing, etc.).
>Feed intravenously.

Most foods and vitamins/nutrients, etc. must go throught the
digestive system and the liver to be assimulated properly. You
cannot get a complete enough diet by parenteral feeding. It is
a dangerous and impossible long term practice and would be
extremely foolish to initiate voluntarily.

>Keep high oxygen saturation to reduce work by heart and diaphram.

Your oxygen saturation is already as high as you can possibly use.
On the contrary, if anything you may want to *reduce* the amount
of oxygen intake (as long as all areas of the tissues are equally
supplied) and the subsequent amount of free radicals generated.
I have often wondered if people who live their lives at moderately
high altitudes may have increase longevity.

>Do not die from muscle degeneration( heart, diaphram).

A laudable goal, but how do you implement it without exercise?

>Do not move anything that will not save your life.

This is probably inconsistent with the previous one unless, you
make sure to continuously surrround yourself with precariously
balanced boxes which might at any time fall on you :-)

>Movement means free-radicals.

So does eating, breathing and being alive. Free-radicals are both
harmful and necessary for life at the same time. It's where they
are formed and how they are dealt with that is important.

>Free-radicals can kill, they are bad, do not cause excess free radicals.

In the right places and at the right times, they are part of the
metabolic processes of life.

>Causing excess free-radicals is self detructive, do not kill yourself.

A much too simplistic view.

>This could lower calorie intake and body temperature dramatically.

Maybe. But it is also going to kill you quite quickly for other reasons.

>Tell me if anyone knows how this view could be bad,

For the reasons stated above (and many others), its very bad
excluding the negatives below (and many others).

>excluding the arguments of
>1) Willpower requirements.
>2) Missed opportunities due to confinment to reclining wheelchair and IV.

How were you intending to do the basic exercise functions (walking, and
breathing 'fully') you listed if you are confined to a wheelchair.