CR and Exercise or No?

Mike Coward (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 20:50:37 -0500

There has been discussion of optimal lifestyles for longevity.
I put forth these views for examination.
Exercise basic functions( walking, eating, breathing, etc.).
Feed intravenously.
Keep high oxygen saturation to reduce work by heart and diaphram.
Do not die from muscle degeneration( heart, diaphram).
Do not move anything that will not save your life.
Movement means free-radicals.
Free-radicals can kill, they are bad, do not cause excess free radicals.
Causing excess free-radicals is self detructive, do not kill yourself.
This could lower calorie intake and body temperature dramatically.

Tell me if anyone knows how this view could be bad,
excluding the arguments of
1) Willpower requirements.
2) Missed opportunities due to confinment to reclining wheelchair and IV.