Re: Bill Gates

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 16:04:12 -0700 (PDT)

> } > How nice of you to wish death upon the one man who has done more
> } > for humanity than any other in history.
> I think Newton and Darwin did rather more, among others. James Watt?
> Adam Smith? Tom Paine? The inventor of the alphabet, if there was a
> single one?

Some of those are candidates: I might take Darwin, in particular. Let me
rephrase my statement to "...has done more for the people /of his time/
than anyone in history."

> } > absolutely anything one does to
> } > cajole as many people as possible to give you money--voluntarily--
> } > is, by definition, providing a benefit to them.
> } What benefit are con artists to their victims?

Perhaps your dictionary doesn't include "voluntarily"? I said
cajole, not defraud.

> } > When I awake from my suspension, I'd much rather see a world with
> } > Bill Gates than some worthless whiner like Marc Andreesen.
> } Pardon my ignorance... who's Marc Andreesen?
> Backer of Netscape. I'm not sure why he's a whiner; he may have asked
> for an antitrust judgement against Microsoft.

Yes, the founder of Netscape. I call him a whiner because the moment
he found Microsoft making money doing exactly the same thing he did--
breaking the standard to lock people in--instead of fighting it out
in the free market like a man, he ran running to daddy government to
make the bully go away, and he continues to fight his battle in the
courts instead of the free market. Netscape is also a much more
blatant liar about their support of open standards than MS is.

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