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Sat, 4 Oct 1997 14:24:28 -0700 (PDT)

On Oct 3, 5:52pm, Geoff Smith wrote:
} Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

} > How nice of you to wish death upon the one man who has done more
} > for humanity than any other in history.

I think Newton and Darwin did rather more, among others. James Watt?
Adam Smith? Tom Paine? The inventor of the alphabet, if there was a
single one?

} > absolutely anything one does to
} > cajole as many people as possible to give you money--voluntarily--
} > is, by definition, providing a benefit to them.
} What benefit are con artists to their victims?

} Can't argue with that. I don't really wish death to Microsoft, just
} healthy competition. Maybe Linux will go public? (or has it already?) Of

*cough*. Linux is very public. The source code is freely available and
modifiable. People can try to make money by installing it for people
who are ignorant of it, but production is mostly a labor of love.

Personal computers have the advantage is easy setup and use, some
applications, and advertising. In internal technical details they are
still playing catchup to Unix, which is about a decade older. But Unix
came out of AT&T, which some people said would have trouble selling
eternal happiness.

} software. Do you have any ideas on how this monopoly might be felled?
} (which to me seems inevitable, but I'm not sure how)

Java is being touted these days. If Microsoft ported Word and Excel to
Jave people at least wouldn't have to deal with Windows.

} > When I awake from my suspension, I'd much rather see a world with
} > Bill Gates than some worthless whiner like Marc Andreesen.
} Pardon my ignorance... who's Marc Andreesen?

Backer of Netscape. I'm not sure why he's a whiner; he may have asked
for an antitrust judgement against Microsoft.

[1] I forgot my footnote in my previous post. Do foreigners recognize
"Ding ding!" as the sound of a bell, indicating that someone just hit
the prize, or jackpot?

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