Re: Bill Gates
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 19:38:34 -0400 (EDT)

Damien R. Sullivan wrote:

> } Can't argue with that. I don't really wish death to Microsoft, just
> } healthy competition. Maybe Linux will go public? (or has it already?)
> *cough*. Linux is very public. The source code is freely available and
> modifiable. People can try to make money by installing it for people
> who are ignorant of it, but production is mostly a labor of love.

You could make huge amounts of money out of Linux, but it would take
_innovation_ so I wouldn't expect to see the software industry doing it
anytime soon. Make your technology open, your software free and sell your
hardware at a loss - the more people you get on the network, the more porn
you can sell.

> } software. Do you have any ideas on how this monopoly might be felled?
> } (which to me seems inevitable, but I'm not sure how)
> Java is being touted these days. If Microsoft ported Word and Excel to
> Jave people at least wouldn't have to deal with Windows.

Making applications in Java?? Not likely.

> } Pardon my ignorance... who's Marc Andreesen?
> Backer of Netscape. I'm not sure why he's a whiner; he may have asked
> for an antitrust judgement against Microsoft.

They're all whiners. The whole lot of them, except that nice Mr.Gates.

Maybe the reason he doesn't take cryonics seriously is because of its public
image. Can you imagine what the press would say if Bill Gates said he was an
immortalist? For all we know, he could be an closet extropian just waiting
to donate money ;)