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<< Bogarted? That word is a bit too klognee for my taste, I think you should
 be a little bit more dyphysatory. >>
Gawd, I love it when yew use all dem big words!

<By the way, if Sagan advocated political positions you
agreed with do you expect us to believe there is a snowball's chance in hell
of you ever
raising this ridiculous issue?> Yeah I would, dang me anyway.

>Huh? What conclusion did I jump to?<
That a missle defense system was impossible in 1980, because we do not have a
working system currently. This is what you suggested, anyway.

<<There are an infinite number of very expensive things we could have tried
and absolutely
no evidence any of them are worth more than a bucket of warm spit.>>
A lot of things were thought of and dismissed, some of them out of hand. By
thetime any of it would have gotten underway, the Chernobyl incident obviated
the Soviet system as a malfunctioning one.

<Yea, he thought human extinction wouldn't be much fun, what a weirdo.

     John K Clark>

Human extinction can come in several ways. One of them is to let a predatory,
dictatorship win.

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