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Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 09:10:55 MST

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>>What conclusion did I jump to?

>That a missle defense system was impossible in 1980, because we do
>not have a working system currently. This is what you suggested, anyway.

I don't suggest it I state it as a fact and if you can say otherwise with a straight face
you must be very good poker player, very good indeed.

>A lot of things were thought of and dismissed, some of them out of hand.

And why do you think that was? I'll tell you why that was, because they were stupid.

>By the time any of it would have gotten underway, the Chernobyl incident
>obviated the Soviet system

Although not significantly sillier than your other theory that star wars destroyed the
USSR both can't be right.

> Human extinction can come in several ways. One of them is to let a predatory,
> dictatorship win.

I challenge you to show me one word written by Sagan where he advocated or even
hinted at such a thing!

      John K Clark

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