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Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 22:14:15 MST

I think "smart" psychedelics would be a good thing. By smart, I mean
psychoactives whose effects would be known prior to ingestion. I once
dropped acid and had a very good "trip." I can understand why people would
describe it as a mind-expanding experience (although I don't necessarily
think that's what *I* would call it). The experience seemed
earth-shatteringly life-changing at the time, but that effect passed not
long after the drug wore off. I do believe however that I did gain some
insights into my own personality which have stayed with me to this day
(close to 20 years later).

The problem IMO with psychedelics as we have them today is their
unpredictability. I had a good trip. Lot's of folks don't. And from what
I understand, a bad trip on acid can be *really* bad. Worse, I've read that
long-lasting neuroses or psychoses have been triggered in a small percentage
of users. So, all in all, I don't think our presently known psychoactives
are very "extropic." But designer "smart" psychoactives which would have
predictable effects on the user would be.


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> I have had some very transformative experiences via psychedelics that have
> greatly assisted me in widening my perspective, integrating my
> and increasing my understanding.
> I have not found anything in the Extropian materials regarding
> Do any of you think that psychedelics can play a role in transhumanism?

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