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Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 13:35:02 MST

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>I think "smart" psychedelics would be a good thing. By smart, I mean
>psychoactives whose effects would be known prior to ingestion.

How about this, a drug whose effects can be immediately turned off if the
effects become unpleasant. An immediately-acting antidote to the
I know that such an antidote already exists for alcohol, and it's easy to
see how useful it could be (like if an emergency occurs and you need to
drive). It's kept off the market for a very good reason though. If you take
it, you are no longer drunk, but the alcohol is still in your system, having
damaging physiological effects. If you start drinking again you're adding to
those physiological effects but you aren't drunk enough to know it. Someone
could overdose on alcohol and only be feeling the mental effects of one or
two drinks.

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