An Integral Psychology

From: Matthew Purdon (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 22:54:05 MST

I'm very glad to have heard Samantha and Anders feedback to my question
about mysticism, intuition and emotion. From the Web materials that I have
read about Extropianism, it does often seem that rationality and engineering
solutions are often overemphasized. But after participating in this
discussion, it seems that there is a more well-rounded concept.

I think that Extropianism would better present itself by elaborating in more
detail the need for advanced psychological integration. I think that the
technological advancements will enable a better chance for the average
speciman of a new species to be able to self-actualize. But unless the
psychological concerns are given equal weight to the technological concerns,
post-humanity could end up a nastier, more powerful version of ourselves.

In thinking about psychology, has anyone here read the work of Ken Wilber?
I have derived much understanding form his integral approach to psychology.
I would be very interested in hearing some Extropian views about his work.

BTW: I'm on the digest list, so I may always be a little behind in my
responses or have missed subsequent posts that may be relevant.

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