Re: An Integral Psychology

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 10:10:38 MST

Matthew Purdon <> writes:

> I'm very glad to have heard Samantha and Anders feedback to my question
> about mysticism, intuition and emotion. From the Web materials that I have
> read about Extropianism, it does often seem that rationality and engineering
> solutions are often overemphasized. But after participating in this
> discussion, it seems that there is a more well-rounded concept.

I think we need more of this more well-rounded thinking on the
web. Please write good essays everyone! We need more material to keep
the discourse growing.

I do not know much about integral psychology in Ken Wilber's form, but
I wonder how it does relate to cognitive neuroscience? I'm interested
in humanistic psychology, but I have always felt it was lacking in its
epistemology and did not take the physical, biological nature of the
brain into account. A transhumanistic psychology would do that, and
try to use our biological understanding to achieve humanistic goals.

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