Re: An Integral Psychology

Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 10:56:36 MST

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<< When you die, the machine is gone, and no ephemeral "soul" survives- yet
 existence, the true I, continues. The metaphysical implications of this are
 pretty deep, and extremely hard to understand from a human perspective.
 -Nicq >>
Whew, you're telling me. This kind of sounds like a Hinduism or Jainism where
people get reincarnated into bugs, grass, cows, dung beetles; depending on
their Karma. To an outsider like myself I suspect this was a way of dealing
with the injustices of life (always a good goal) by thinking that a wicked
Brahman may be reduced to a sub-existence, and justice will ultimately
prevail--this is just a guess on my part. Getting back to your analysis of
Wilbur's psychology, I am not confident in the notion that when we dissipate,
our thoughts or energy become absorbed in a kind of bound energy state, or a
Clarke-ian Overmind, or a Buddhist Over-Soul.

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