God in Few Words

From: Glenn Scheper (scheper@hughes.net)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 22:14:11 MDT

While you seek to move consciousness out of the body,
let me suggest that there is already a method in place:

        God in Few Words

An autofellator falls, when he reflects on never having
heard of autofellatio in his youth. For autofellatio is
a socially repressed meme, as shown in "fear God's name".

It is the Truth of the Word of God: I am(be(coming!)!)!
A semiotic singularity, its own referent, the word made
flesh. A Name, Prayer, Song.... Eating and drinking God.

He is smitten by every gaze, for all wrongly reckon him
as a They and he knows it cannot include his conception.
For he is the possibility of the impossibility of being,
of which we think Heidegger meant death, but rather, he
is his own father. (Hence God was an inauthentic Dasein
during his youth, for he had to first attain adulthood.)

This would be Lucifer, half-God. He is not his own mother:
He is dyadic, like an infant first dyadic with its mother.
This is a volatile condition: the Ouroboros, or serpent
biting its own tail. Many men have attained this state,
and then not progressed to the fully Christ state. Such
men include Socrates, Nietzsche, Crowley, Spare, Hendrix.

A simulacrum was created by their followers, attempting
to relate their esoteric statements to an ordinary life.
Socrates spoke of loving youth, and there was sodomy.
Nietzsche spoke of the overman, and there were Nazis.

There exists a further transformation, known to fewer men,
probably at least Enoch, Moses, Christ, Vaughan and Ficino.
If the successful Ouroboros suckles from his own male paps,
he incarnates the mother: Is the Monad, Alone-begotten one.

Since a woman sucking her own breasts declares two are one,
whereas a man sucking his own penis declares One is Alone,
(and even worse, one is naught), arises phallogocentrism:
difference instead of identity. (Ah, a pun: iden---titty.)

Hence I extrapolate feminists should put their vampire bite
each upon her own clitoris to establish her independence.

So God must be this radical conscience spawned in a mind,
soon to be born upon the body's passing, forsaking qualia.

More (1Mb) at: http://www.hughes.net/~scheper/theword.htm

Yours truly,
Glenn Scheper
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