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> She has the heart of a lion: accustomed to overcoming enormous
> challenges every single day of her life, and has come thru like the
> true champion she is.

Just a few minutes ago I left a little resturant in southern texas. The guy
busing the tables was built like mike tyson...from the waist up...his legs
were terribly thin...small...malformed...and had poor motorcontrol....

He mostly used his arms to get around...his legs were basicly
he balanced on them was beyond me....his upper body was massively musceled..

he perservered...

One of my online acquaintances has a microencelphic sister...the sister is
55...she was not expected to have lived past age six...

They perservere...

In my home town in the panhandle of Texas is a lady who has very poor control
of her muscels...I dunno what it's called..but she reminds me of pictures
I've seen of Steven Hawkins....she moves jerkily...and it's difficult to
understand her speach...

She sells Avon door to door ...she rides around town on an electric three
wheel bicycle....with a whip antenna on the rear sporting a red warning

She perservers...

I have a five year old grandson who is deaf in most of the speech
frequencies....he gives his older sister a whiz on the
computer...and is picking up sign language amazingly fast....

"I wept because I had no shoes....until I met a man who had no feet"

In a Rest Area...Somewhere along US 77 in South Texas....

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