Re: A scary but HYPOTHETICAL question.

From: Gina Miller (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 21:54:21 MDT

(sorry for the extra message)
Actually, I was just thinking about your post, perhaps you are referring to
the fact, that with Alzheimer's, we do not know if those memories are
retrievable due to irreparable damage? may have a point with the
noted concern. However, I think that this can be thrown into the underlining
importance of memory research, since this is an issue we will have to
contend with anyways, if we want to return with our previous selves and
memory data banks in place. (although I'm not sure all do, I do)
Emphysema? I imagine once we have gotten to the point of repairing that
externally of cryo, we could do the same in that situation. Could we do the
same regarding the synapses traveling that memories route, I don't know, I
know there are worries, that the freezing itself in cryo could damage this.
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

> What exactly *are* our rights, if we get some disease that will turn our
> brains to shit before we breathe our last? Two good examples would
> be emphysema and Alzheimers. Is there a state that will let us go into
> cryo-suspension before too much damage is done? Can we pull that
> cryonics-as-religion gag in order to get some anti-hate-crime special
> rights? I dont see why at least *one* of the 50 state legistatures would
> not grok what we are trying to do. spike

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