Re: Was <Magnetic space propulsion

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 17:09:43 MDT

> << {8^D If you ever get a chance to meet Scott, Robert, whatever
> his name is Zubrin, do go, listen to his pitch...
> wrote: Maybe you could invite him to pitch to this mailing
> list?

Spuuuud! Man that is one helllll of a good idea. I need to let him
know he has a loooot of friends he doesnt even know about, over
here on extropians. That never occurred to me to invite Zub to
post his ideas over here.

> Also, what about Hans Moravec,

I dont know Hans Moravec other than his pitch at Nerdstock at
Standford. Anyone else know him?

> he has some extremely gnarly ( Rudy Rucker calls) ideas and the
> way of explaining it?

Rudy Rucker! I met Rudy last May, and MAN was I impressed with
that guy. Blew me away. On top of being a software genius and
all-around good guy, he is even a great cook, of all things. I definitely
wanna be like him when I grow up. spike

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