Re: Was <Magnetic space propulsion

Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 00:56:18 MDT

These guys would enrich the list, and rather then hear from people who claim
they have read thir works (and put their own spin on it) we could hear
directly. On the other hand, interacting with a few of the opinionated
schmucks, might drive them kicking and screaming back to their solitude.
Please warn them about what goes on here, also so we can avoid culture shock.

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<< > << {8^D If you ever get a chance to meet Scott, Robert, whatever
> his name is Zubrin, do go, listen to his pitch...
> wrote: Maybe you could invite him to pitch to this
> list?
 Spuuuud! Man that is one helllll of a good idea. I need to let him
 know he has a loooot of friends he doesnt even know about, over
 here on extropians. That never occurred to me to invite Zub to
 post his ideas over here.
> Also, what about Hans Moravec,
 I dont know Hans Moravec other than his pitch at Nerdstock at
 Standford. Anyone else know him?
> he has some extremely gnarly ( Rudy Rucker calls) ideas and the
> way of explaining it?
 Rudy Rucker! I met Rudy last May, and MAN was I impressed with
 that guy. Blew me away. On top of being a software genius and
 all-around good guy, he is even a great cook, of all things. I definitely
 wanna be like him when I grow up. spike >>

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