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I have done circa 800 cals day for protracted periods... my genetic makeup
seems to allow it...I felt fine - I wasn't particularly hungry because my
diet was pretty filling.

I supplemented heavily accross the vitamin spectrum - my weight went down
from 128 to 113lbs and stabilized there... I was about , oh, 47 then.

When I was, oh, 25 ish - I did a very, very low cal for months. I found that
I slept a lot (12 - 18 hours a day...) but I never went into protein energy
malnutrition. This response may be genetic.

I've had friends who have tried the same thing (...they're genetically
different and also have much higher body masses...) their hunger &
discomfort was excruciating.


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>Another delayed reaction response:
>Since Dec. I suppose I have been practicing what others would call an
>extreme caloric restriction, this was not a longevity experiment, this was
>reduction in body weight goal. Which I have to say, is working, (along with
>Golds Gym 3x's a wk) since I am down to 108 now. Of course the amount of
>caloric intake daily can fluctuate, but on average is somewhere in the
>vicinity of 600 calories a day. There has been substantial research and
>hypothesis that a low caloric diet extends one's life, most of these study
>results were gathering from experiments with mice. Roy L. Walford wrote a
>book and practices such a lifestyle based on his research, the book is
>called (I think) _The 120 Year Diet_ (How to double your years)My personal
>experience with this type of regime, is that I am hungry a lot, so I have
>play mental games with myself to keep on track. Also, a particular time of
>the month, I can not maintain this diet, or I will get a migraine. So
>that time, I actually have a physical excuse to screw up my diet! (kinda
>> CYMM wrote:
>> > 4) Anyone practising extreme caloric restriction?
>> > Thanks
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