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From: Gina Miller (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 05:26:36 MDT

From: "CYMM" <>> I have done circa 800 cals day for
protracted periods... my genetic makeup
> seems to allow it...I felt fine - I wasn't particularly hungry because my
> diet was pretty filling.

What were you eating? I do a lot of veggies, and I find that corn last's me
longer (as far as feeling full) thru the day, than my mixed veggies
alternative. (consisting of carrots, potato and celery) When I eat the
latter although it's lower calories, I'm hungry, sooner. I assume the corn
is more filling because it's starch/carb.

> I supplemented heavily accross the vitamin spectrum - my weight went down
> from 128 to 113lbs and stabilized there... I was about , oh, 47 then.

I just take the standard "one a day", this most likely is not efficient
enough for my low intake.

> When I was, oh, 25 ish - I did a very, very low cal for months. I found
> I slept a lot (12 - 18 hours a day...) but I never went into protein
> malnutrition. This response may be genetic.

No problems there, considering that I've always been on Hawaii time. I
always stay up late, and sleep late, my diet never seems to effect this.

> I've had friends who have tried the same thing (...they're genetically
> different and also have much higher body masses...) their hunger &
> discomfort was excruciating.

The pangs were more severe in the beginning. Now, my stomach has shurnk, and
I am also more used to it. (re-trained myself) I do get hungry, but not
excuriatingly so. I actually have my my first meal, a few hours after I wake
up. I just don't wake up hungry, it has to build. Then I eat some very
nanoscale snacks thru the day, to keep me going. <One meal, and a couple
"thingys". > Of course this is not applicable when traveling.

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