Re: Gay Extropians!!!

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 17:39:56 MDT

"Alex Future Bokov" wrote,

>Could I stop being straight if I
> wanted to? Nope.

That doesn't make it genetically imposed. It only means that the imprinting is
very powerful. You can't stop being English language proficient if you wanted to
either (not that you'd want to). IOW, if you wanted to *not* understand what
someone says in English, could you stop understanding English? Nope.
Likewise, you could not stop being straight if you wanted to.

> I understand the reluctance to entertain the possibity that homosexuality
> has a biological component.

Do you really? How do you know it's "reluctance" rather than knowing better?
"I understand the reluctance to entertain the possibility that purple triffids
control the world's telephone networks" says the triffid-meister on an
imaginative tangent.

>That implies that all those creepy evolutionary
> psychologists have been more right than we like to admit and gender isn't
> as much of a social construct was we would like it to be.

It's not a matter of socially constructing gender. The topic under consideration
is sexual orientation, and that includes both sexes. Whether you are male or
female *is* a matter of biology. Which sex you find most attractive is
determined by psychological imprinting.

--J. R.

"Those who fear and oppose the possible evolution of superhuman intelligence
ignore the reality of human resistance to enlightenment. First become
enlightened, and the real danger of ordinary human insanity, in all its tribal
absurdity, becomes clear. We have nothing to fear from our machines, and
everything to fear from our biological lust for power."
--Dr. Frank N. Stein

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