NSPIC = Neuro-Semantic Political Illusion Complex

Freespeak (f-prime@activist.com)
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 23:00:38 -0700

At 06:01 PM 9/22/97 -0700, Doug MacDonald wrote:
>Hello all, I joined the extropy list as a response to Freespeak's
>invitation to discuss/debate the NSPIC concept.
Welcome to the NSPIC debate. Thanks for the intro.
>I attended government run schools, but since I was more intelligent than
>most and learned far more quickly than the curriculum progressed, I was
>mostly bored. I did a bit of daydreaming and for the most part endured
>the boringness of it all. But, since I could answer the vast majority
>of questions correctly without paying attention, I never got sucked into
>the brainwashing that goes on there.
Glad you learn quickly.

I became a libertarian in 1973, and an anarcho-capitalist
in 1975.

After that, I started clearing NSPIC illusions from my brain in 1976.
It took me about 10 years until 1986 to clear out all the NSPIC
illusions I've found so far.

After that, it took about 7 years until 1993 before I started
communicating effectively about NSPIC to a few people.

After that, it took another 4 years before I felt confident enough
to launch a debate like this.

And I still have a lot to learn...

Frederick Mann

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