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At 10:16 PM 9/22/97 -0400, Richard Plourde .. wrote:
>I question, though, the terminology "neuro-semantic" in the
>context of these messages. Neuro-semantic operates as a technical
>term in the context of general-semantics, a term that
>characterizes the neural centers of our evaluations, perceptions,
>etc.. A neuro-semantic evaluation would, it seems to me, include
>a self-reflexive "evaluation of the character of the evaluation"
>from the highly specific perspective of human neural behaviors.
Just this afternoon I completed 'Report #TL07A: The Anatomy of
Slavespeak.' It should be accessible at


some time, 9/23/97. "Slavespeak" is my word for the language
that keeps the NSPIC illusions in place. 'Anatomy of Slavespeak'
is a 148K report, about a quarter of which deals with General
Semantics and how GS relates to Slavespeak.

I've been talking and writing about NSPIC issues since 1977.
It was only in 1993 that I became effective enough to influence
a few people to clear the NSPIC spooks (that sounds nice!) from
their heads.

>From experience, I expect that very few people will find 'Anatomy
of Slavespeak' readable. You, trained and experienced in GS, will
probably find it a relatively easy read.

Most people, if confronted with the totality of NSPIC all at once,
would run a mile. So I'm looking for a series of steps to "ease
people into" NSPIC, a small piece at a time. I started with the
"royalty" illusion, because, tough as it may be for some to overcome,
I thought it would be the easiest.

>Leaving aside the appropriateness of such an evaluation in the
>context of this list for the moment, I don't see that
>self-reflexiveness explicitly illustrated in any of the posts to
>this point. I find myself wondering if "neuro-semantic"
>represents a construct for later introduction, or if the NSPIC
>topic, as planned for presentation, has little connection with
'Anatomy of Slavespeak' does cover some neuro-semantic aspects
related to abstracting Slavespeak words and how they may influence
perception, thought, communication, and behavior. To introduce
any of this into the debate at this time would be "jumping the gun."

>Addressing the appropriateness of the topic on various
>shared-interest lists, I can comment that, to the degree that
>"NSPIC" *does* involve neuro-semantic considerations, it may have
>an appropriate 'home' on a list dedicated to general semantics.
>(I would forward the name of an appropriate list-manager upon
>request in order that the appropriateness of such a discussion
>might receive at least a preliminary evaluation of "appropriate
>for the list.")
If most of the members of a GS list were highly freedom-oriented
and interested in the possibility of clearing out from their heads
any NSPIC spooks that may dwell there, then it would be appropriate,
otherwise not.

>Moving to such a list, though, might represent a bit of a problem
>for stirring up political passions. G.s. doesn't seem to lead to
>passion, but rather to careful analysis of both evidence and human
>analytic methodologies. The passivity of agreement with
>philosophical perspectives tends not to find a fertile ground in
>such a context.
The process that people need to go though to clear NSPIC spooks
from their heads tends to be psychological, analytical, and
experiential. Many people seem to have almost insurmountable
psychological barriers to confronting the possibility that some
of their "certain knowledge" might constitute NSPIC spooks.

>I would find it useful to have some framework, some evaluative
>model, presented in the context of NSPIC. Think of the framework
>as a specific experimental procedure, or, if more appropriate, as
>a specific theory from which we might draw predictions and thus a
>path towards falsification. Such a framework would, itself, stand
>as susceptible to criticism, both for its evaluative
>appropriateness and for its appropriateness in the context of this
If such a framework were to be created, it could come from the
published NSPIC-related materials:

#TL06: Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

#TL07: The Constitution of No Authrity

#TL07A: The Anatomy of Slavespeak

#TL07B: The Nature of Government

#TL07D: Deep Anarchy

#TL50A: Semantic Rigidity, Flexibility, and Freedom

#TL50C: Bought-Into-The-System

Are you interested in creating such a framework, or do you
know someone who might be?

Frederick Mann

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