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At 06:05 PM 9/22/97 -0500, Carol Low <> wrote:
>I have been reminded by both posts regarding "NSPIC" that the religion
>phenomenon is of the same stuff as the statism phenomenon. The
>manipulation of language by those who would have others believe in a
>certain brand of holiness or magic appears to make such a belief
>inevitable. As editor of NOMOS I was once in debate with a writer who
>wanted me to publish his definitive proof of the existence of god--only
>problem was that his opening axiom was that there are certain things
>which must be taken on "faith" (one of those words of which we speak).
The "psychological-type" mechanisms involved in subjecting
people to religion and statism are very similar. In both
cases people are induced by very secific language to accept
certain illusions -- illusions some of which most people,
including many libertarians, anarchists, and atheists -- still
cling to, usually without realizing it.

The aim of the two-tribes story was to illustrate some of
these "psychological-type" mechanisms.

>And, really, the entire phenomenon of looking at society through a
>certain neuro-linguistic model is widespread--as I embarked upon
>homeschooling my children, I remember being appalled at other young
>mothers who were enchanted that the state had generously taken the
>burden of registering their children into school from them, sending the
>forms home fait accompli! Expectations, assumption, all built upon
>laziness of mind, fear of responsibility. So the question is whether
>the language is the key or the essential assumption that "I don't have
>to make this decision or that choice as it has been predigested by those
>who know".
"Language creates spooks that get into our heads and hypnotize us."

-- Robert Anton Wilson , Introduction to 'The Tree of Lies'
(by Christopher S. Hyatt. Ph.D.)

As an aphorism, RAW encapsulates the "psychological-type" mechanisms
I'm talking about.

Among other things, the spooks in peoples' heads tend to reduce their
ability to make rational decisions concerning many areas of life. The
spooks tend to drastically reduce the range of options people think
they have available to them.

With the NSPIC debate we seek to learn more about identifying the
exact spooks and discovering how to do whatever necessary so people
can clear the spooks from their heads.

One of the points I tried to convey with the "royalty" illusion
post is that the spooks used to induce the "royalty" illusion
include words like "royal," "commoner," "king," "queen," etc. --
*spooks created by language*, as indicated by RAW.


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