Re: NSPIC = Neuro-Semantic Political Illusion Complex

Keith Elis (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 11:41:25 -0400

Freespeak wrote:

> I think I'm in the early stages
> of developing a major breakthrough in how to think
> about and act in relation to political systems, but
> so far I've only been able to communicate effectively
> about NSPIC to a handful of people.

NSPIC is a nice catchy little title, but if you're going to post
something that long, at least give me some specifics about the theory.
Words have meanings. Sometimes more than one. You're suggesting that by
using a word in a certain way, I may be reinforcing the illusions of

Well, that's Max's Deep Anarchy article, yes.

Your major breakthrough sounds awfully duplicative. Where do you diverge
from or develop on Deep Anarchy? What discursive constructions are the
"worst?" What are the specific illusions reinforced by them? Why among
your seven lines of inquiry for debate is it assumed that the theory
cannot be falsified?

Looking for a bit more,

Keith Elis