Re: NSPIC - The "Royalty" Illusion

Freespeak (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 23:00:42 -0700

At 06:19 PM 9/22/97 -0700, Doug MacDonald wrote:
>The Royalty Illusion, as you have called it, is a kind of security
>blanket, or as we say nowadays, safety net.
Thanks for responding so quickly.

I called it the "Royalty" Illusion. The quotation marks are important;
they indicate that I challenge the validity of the so-called "royalty"

As a matter of courtesy, and to make the debate more productive, please
copy-and-paste whenever necessary to avoid saying that someone said
something they didn' say.

The point I tried to convey with my post is that the entire so-called
"royalty" notion is an illusion.
>Diana is a rags to riches Cinderalla story. True, she wasn't exactly in
>rags, but she was a commoner turned royal.
Another point I tried to convey is that the so-called "commoner" notion
is an illusion.

Frederick Mann

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